Lady Gaga is Now Banned From China

Lady Gaga made a friend while angering a nation’s leaders.

Prior to the Dalai Lama keynote address at the annual United States Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis, the 81-year-old Buddhist leader met with the 30-year-old pop star. The Dalai Lama answered questions Lady Gaga had sourced from fans on social media which resulted in a 20-minute-long conversation. The video now posted to Facebook, has already garnered over 3 million views and finds the two discussing topics such as suicide, yoga, meditation and advice on how to face the current horrors of the world. As a result, China's communist party’s propaganda department issued “an important instruction” forbidding websites and media organizations from distributing or uploading the Lady Gaga’s music. The Dalai Lama has dedicated his life for Tibetan autonomy over the years, but China’s government labels him a dangerous separatist who is seeking to bring the Himalayan region under theocratic rule. As it stands, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television now legally forbids Lady Gaga and her music from appearing on any radio or TV. All of her albums will also be removed from online retailers. The government has also added Lady Gaga to their “list of hostile foreign forces” which automatically bans her from entering the country. Stay tuned.

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