This is the Song That Inspired Lebron James to Lead the Cleveland Cavaliers

It's a huge record.

The Cleveland Cavaliers' recent victory will go down in the sports history books, but what was the specific soundtrack that helped Lebron James lead his team to an NBA championship victory? As Uproxx reports, Lebron James had one song in his ears (and mind) when it came to inspiring him to move forward. “I just always go back to the Jay Z song ‘A Star is Born,'" Lebron James told ESPN's Scott Van Pelt in a response to a question about he "handled the pressure" of leading the Cavs. Elaborating, Lebron said, "You guys back in the studio go look it up, listen to it. I just always listen to that and I always stay true to the game. I know what I’m capable of, not only on the floor but also off the floor as well, with my leadership and what I bring to the table." For those unfamilar, "A Star Is Born" is a J. Cole collaboration off Jay Z's 2009 record The Blueprint 3. You can check out a clip of Lebron's response and explanation below.

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