HYPEBEAST Forums Spotlight: Linus – Songs About Girls

Apathetically pleasant.

Throughout the last several years, the HYPEBEAST Forums have been a platform where artists from all styles, backgrounds and skill levels come together to share their music. Perhaps the most well-known example of this is Tyler, the Creator, who put up a lot of his early material on the Forums before he had found commercial success. To show that we actually pay attention to the material being posted, we have decided to spotlight some of the more notable individuals we come across.

For the first installment, we spotlight a Vancouver, Canada producer called linus. He recently dropped a full-length project titled songs about girls. The tape finds the rapper-crooner-producer singing about "girls and other things," and he reveals in the description that the project is not "mixed or mastered" because he is apathetic. Don't let his passive demeanor avert you though; his music is a uniquely refreshing blend of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, reggae and indie music. Check it out below and let us know if you're feeling it.

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