Listen to Hudson Mohawke’s Demo for Rihanna’s Latest Album ‘Anti’

Should this have made the final cut?

Hudson Mohawke's relationships and collaborative efforts with some of the music industry's biggest, most talented stars has been well-documented. Even when his experiences with larger-than-life artists took a more negative turn, Hudson Mohawke still maintained a near-perfect record when it comes to beats for others. Now, courtesy of early HudMo supporters and underground institution LuckyMe Records, a previously-unreleased demo that HudMo cooked up for Rihanna has surfaced. The track apparently dates back to last year, and features vocal contributions from Montreal crooner Littlebabyangel. While Rihanna never ended up using HudMo's beats for her own albums, she was definitely a fan of his work and you can't deny the quality. You can check out HudMo's Rihanna demo below.

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