Gucci Mane Responds to Theories That He Was Replaced by a Government Clone

But he doesn't confirm or deny the rumors?

Gucci Mane has proved himself to be a changed man after being released from prison, emerging with a slimmer body, a fresh commitment to a healthy lifestyle and – strangely – a new accent. The internet was quick to jump on his life changes, concocting a wild conspiracy theory that the real Gucci Mane is still behind bars and has been replaced by a government clone. A fake Lil Boosie quote from the satirical website ThingUThink is what seems to have really ignited the flame:

"I rock with Gucci the long way but that ain’t the real Gucci, we both sitting in the studio and he seemed lost and after his show at Mansion he called me Herman […] You know they can do that crazy clone Sh*t these days, you look at Gucci and tell me that’s Gucci and ill pay yo child support and yo baby momma rent."

Guwop seems to be really enjoying the theories floating around, as he's gone ahead and shared a response on Instagram that doesn't actually confirm or deny the rumors. Check out the video and some of the best Twitter commentary surrounding the conspiracy below.

#guccimane reacts to rumors he's a clone

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