Clams Casino’s ’32 Levels’ Will Feature A$AP Rocky, Lil B, Vince Staples & More

This has insane potential.

Clams Casino's comeback arrived with an impact when the renowned, influential producer dropped off "Blast" last month. Since then, he linked up with close collaborator Lil B for "Witness," the video-debuted lead single in support of his forthcoming 32 Levels project. The Based One even used a very recent interview as an opportunity to praise the project, calling it a "huge historical album" that will be "real deep for music." Now, taking to Twitter minutes ago, Clams Casino is revealing the tracklist for 32 Levels. While Clams continues to update his Twitter with new tracks set to be featured on his upcoming record, here's a few select tweets that spotlight some huge collaborations:

For more, keep an eye on Clams Casino's Twitter. 32 Levels will arrive on July 15, while Clams himself says that "more new music" will drop tomorrow.

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