Chance The Rapper Believes He Made One Major Mistake With ‘Coloring Book’

And it all has to do with one song.

Chance The Rapper's latest album Coloring Book is arguably one of the biggest rap records of 2016, but even the artists behind universally-acclaimed, beloved projects like Coloring Book might have some post-release regrets. In the case of Chance, there's one major mistake that sticks out. Taking to Twitter, Chance revealed his "biggest mistake" involving his most recent full-length:

Considering the reception Coloring Book has earned since it arrived last month, the vast majority of listeners were probably more than happy giving "Same Drugs" repeated listens. Maybe if we're lucky we'll hear a "leak" of the Regina Spektor version soon. After all, Chance had no problem sharing some Kanye West demos. For now, you can stream the current cut of "Same Drugs" below. Earlier in the week, Chance The Rapper also made an energetic appearance on late night TV.

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