Did Apple Copy Shamir’s “On the Regular” for Their iOS10 Ad?

"Hey Hi Hello" sounds remarkably similar to Shamir's bouncy hit.

In a recent investigation by Pitchfork, striking similarities have been highlighted between the song featured in Apple's snappy video for the new features on iOS10 and Shamir's bouncy 2014 single "On The Regular." When the video premiered at WWDC 2016, over 6000 curious fans Shazamed the infectious cowbell-heavy track to discover that it was titled "Hey Hi Hello" and attributed to an artist called Hollywood Wildlife. It turns out that Hollywood Wildlife is actually a trio of three experienced songwriting professionals: Blake Healy, who was involved in Metro Station with Trace Cyrus; Fransisca Hall, a songwriter with credits for Major Lazer, Selena Gomez and Britney Spears; and SafetySuit's Doug Brown. The group was formed primarily to generate music for marketing artists, commercials and television. After being contacted to weigh in, Healy revealed to Pitchfork that he had heard "On The Regular" before:

“I have heard that song. I think that song’s awesome. I like stuff like M.I.A. a lot. But the stuff I do is not as deep. It’s more fun and party, simple. I like that feel of just the electronic stuff.”

As the song has done the rounds, the similarities have become more and more evident for listeners. Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan tweeted the following to Shamir, which he then retweeted himself:

Shamir has appeared in Apple commercials before, so it makes sense to assume that they are aware of his work. Both Shamir's camp and his label XL Recordings declined to comment, but his camp did share the following response to Pitchfork:

Apple have also declined to comment at this point. What do you think? Read the full Pitchfork feature here and compare both tracks below.

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