A Virtual Reality Dance Club Now Exists

What a time to be alive.

The most social aspects of the internet collide with virtual reality and dance parties for a newly-launched endeavor known as VR Party. As TechCrunch reports, VR Party is the brainchild of software development firm Suitefolio's co-founder Andre Smith and forward-thinking marketer and entrepreneur Pocket Silbermintz. Described by TechCrunch as a "sort of spiritual successor" to Turntable.fm, VR Party combines the type of dance party you would find at a club with virtual reality. The program is based off a room-based template that should be familiar to those who previously had fun with Turntable.fm before it phased out; one to four individuals perform as a DJ, "mixing records through motion detection" as other users take part in a virtual reality dance-off. Andre Smith explains the birth of VR Party as such: “Pocket came in and said ‘you should do something with social and VR.’" Read TechCrunch's article on VR Party here.

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