Send This Video to Your Struggle Rapper Friends

Support the #StopRappingCampaign.

If you're a frequenter of this site, you're probably pretty deep into the music world, which means that you either a) have friends who are struggle rappers or b) might be a struggle rapper yourself. For those in the former category, you might have friends who (in very, very rare cases) are actually talented but are lacking the resources to further their career. However, it's a 95% chance that he or she might just not be good enough. But, as the good friend that you are, we understand how it's hard to tell your pal to give it up. Thanks to Twitter user Larry Legend, this might not be a problem anymore because of his #StopRappingCampaign. Do your friend a favor and send these friends the video if you really love and care for them. And if you belong to the latter category of a struggle rapper yourself, you really need to watch this as a wake-up call. Support the cause.

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