OG Maco Goes Beyond the Comfort Zone in New Brand Push With Reebok

OG Maco Goes Beyond the Comfort Zone in New Brand Push With Reebok

Just to think, 20 years ago the battle for supremacy in the sneaker war was a close one between the Nike and Reebok. We're talking number one and number two - Reebok was a powerhouse. In their prime, the company was driven by superstar athletes like Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson and Shawn Kemp. Obviously, things have changed but Reebok has seen a significant resurgence these past few years. More recently, aligning themselves with iconic hip-hop mainstays such as Kendrick Lamar, Cam'ron and now their latest addition, OG Maco. We caught up with the Atlanta rapper on his new partnership with Reebok recently as he shined some light on this unique opportunity.

Did sneaker culture play into your own life coming up at all?

Yes, specifically always wanting the sneakers and color ways no one else had.

How did your partnership with Reebok happen?

So my good friend Felipe actually works at Reebok, and my manager happens to also be good friends with Steve who over at Reebok. So when the time came for them to reach out and potentially work together, it was a no brainer.

In what capacity will you be working with Reebok? Will there be apparel or just shoes

As of now, I'm just supporting the Reebok Classic brand and they support me. Specifically shoes. It can potentially grow from there but for right now, we're just helping each other.

Is fashion something you'd like to explore business wise outside of music?

It's been in the process. I've done multiple deals with several clothing brands, modeled for many, and working with different brands domestic and international, and now with Reebok. This is only the beginning. I've been designing my own garments for a few years now as well.

Do you feel any pressure to create something in the sneaker world that'll stand
the test of time against other music contemporaries who've done the same? i.e. Kanye West

If I feel any pressure, it's the pressure I put on myself. I accept the challenge naturally from the greats who have come before me, but no one is harder on me than I am on myself. I want to be a legend in everything that I do, so when I do create something of that nature, I can only hope and put the necessary work it to make sure it will stand the test of time. If I don't have that mindset, then what's the point of even trying your hand at it?

What's next musically for OG Maco?

I'm constantly recording, always pushing the boundaries and trying new things that can change music, but hopefully, a lot of music coming with international artists, and then my debut album.

What would be a perfect name for your own signature shoe? (assuming you have one with Reebok soon)

I don't want to give away any ideas or ruin any surprises (laughs).

Some footwear companies have essentially become labels, what role will Reebok play in your upcoming music endeavors, if any?

We haven't discussed that part yet, but I would love to involve such a classic, no pun intended, brand be a part of my career, especially regarding my music endeavors.

Every city had their own preference of sneakers back in the day, what were the feelings towards Reebok when you were coming up in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, Reebok was the shoe to have. It was just a necessary part of the wardrobe, being from Atlanta. I mean look who wore them? Pastor Troy (Who
went to my high school), Archie, T.I. and more. From the Original Reebok Classics to the Reebok Soldiers with and without the strap. Reebok's were a staple for Atlanta culture. Plus you couldn't beat the price back then when they were two for $89.99.

In your opinion, what can Reebok do to "jumpover" Yeezy and Jumpman?

I would say, just become culturally important just as Yeezy and Jumpman but in their own specific lane that they have done that Yeezy and Jumpman can't tap into.

Final words?

I just want to thank the Reebok family for the opportunity and believing in me as I do them. Major thanks to Felipe and Steve as they were awesome to work with and great people. Stay tuned for what Reebok has coming, especially Reebok Classics and what I have coming as well as my company OGG. We're going to continue to bring you all great content, from clothing to sneakers to music.