Novelist & Crew Introduce Their Ruff Sound Movement for Epic Live Performance

"Grime is not hip hop. If anything it is Ragga. Fall back."

For those who haven't been keeping track, Novelist is one of the fastest-rising, most talented young artists involved with the UK's thriving modern grime scene. In recent months, the young emcee has put out nothing but heat, and this year his focus has been on building his new Ruff Sound Movement. Now, Novelist is bringing the Ruff Sound Movement to viewers and listeners live and direct. Taking to the world-renowned U.K. institution Rinse FM, Novelist and his crew delivered the live debut of the Ruff Sound Movement during a 40-minute whirlwind of in-studio bars. You can check out Novelist's entire studio session for Rinse FM above. Further, Novelist had the following to get off his chest this morning:

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