Myagi & Vito’s Fairfax Ode “FourTwoFour” is the Melodic New Wave Anthem Fashion Needs

Los Angeles' Fairfax scene finally receives a soundtrack.

Every scene needs its soundtrack, regardless of the type of arts and culture it thrives off of. In Los Angeles, the mini-meccas of fashion that make up the Fairfax area of the city have given southern California its own vibrant streetwear scene that welcomes Odd Future diehards and high-fashion obsessives alike. Coming straight out of San Bernardino, CA, forward-thinking rappers Myagi and Vito have now blessed Los Angeles' progressive fashion culture with its own soundtrack and anthem. Honoring the Fairfax mainstay and celebrity favorite FourTwoFour, Myagi and Vito serve up something for the new wave of youth movements with "FourTwoFour." Produced by OG Abi, the song serves as a single that belongs to streetwear just as much as it does to the modern rap underground. You can stream "FourTwoFour" above.

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