M.I.A. Announces New Album

M.I.A. shares some updates on Periscope.

M.I.A. was on Periscope earlier this week to speak to fans. During the session, she announced plans to release her next album in July, and it will contain 12 songs. "I felt by the end of it all, you can make a record that's happy about surviving and not really constantly talk about the fight. At the end of the day, I feel like... it's probably better to remind people about survival and surviving than it is about the moment you go to battle. Because that's just a moment. After that, be happy fly pirates" she says. M.I.A. also touched on a Rihanna collaboration that didn't quite work out, also noting she hasn't been able to work with many American producers due to U.S. banning her from entering the country. Watch the full session above.

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