Kid Cudi Believes ‘Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven’ is the “Most Important Album Right Now in Existence”

"It was for the kids sitting at home dreaming of doing something creatively brave."

Never one to hold his tongue, Kid Cudi has paired yesterday's album announcement with a statement that's probably going to raise a lot of eyebrows. Taking to Twitter earlier today, Kid Cudi sent out the following tweet:

Some Cudi fans even seemed to be taken aback with the claim, with several Twitter users responding to Cudi's tweet about Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven with all sorts of criticism. Kid Cudi also followed up his opinion with the following explanations:

Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven probably won't go down as the most critically-acclaimed album, but you have to respect Cudi's support and love for his craft and art. When it comes to his peers in the rap game, Cudi isn't exactly alone. At the beginning of the year, Andre 3000 expressed similar sentiments concerning Cudi's last LP. Wrapping up his string of thoughts, Kid Cudi concluded, "People are always gonna hate on what they dont understand. No matter what you do. So just trust you and watch what happens."

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