Kanye West Is Creating New Music for Erykah Badu & Nas’s Film ‘The Land’

New 'Ye is coming.

Kanye West is cooking up some new songs for a forthcoming film from Erykah Badu and Nas. The movie is entitled The Land, and features Erykah Badu as one of its stars and Nas as its executive producer. The lead trailer for The Land just dropped as well, and the recording artists it listed as its soundtrack creators might receive more attention than the movie's actors. Besides Kanye, Nas and Erykah Badu, The Land boasts musical contributions from Pusha T, Jeremih, Nosaj Thing, French Montana and more. Nas is the individual responsible for curating and producing the soundtrack as well, which will come out via Nas's own Mass Appeal label on July 29. You can check out the official trailer for The Land above.

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