Watch Justin Bieber Throw a Fan’s Gift to Him out the Window

Can you blame him?

That boy Justin Bieber is at it again, this time being filmed tossing out a fan's gift to him out the car window. This took place in New York City earlier this month. According to Daily Mail, the fan reportedly had this to say about the incident on Facebook:

"Yesterday I was at the hotel at 10am and I stayed for hours outside waiting. When he was going out, guards told us to back off, so I grabbed the flag and threw it at him. Of course it was not my intention for it to fall close to his face, so I apologised a thousand times. He looked at me... grabbed the flag, threw it on the pavement and shut the window."

"I’m 15 and he could have treated me better since I apologized and he could hear it," she added.

J Thugger has yet to comment on the situation.

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