Is iLoveMakonnen Retiring Soon?

iLoveMakonnen might be done with music.

After a string of new releases and the revealing of plans for future projects, iLoveMakonnen has revealed plans for future retirement. While keeping things positive, the former OVO crooner tells his fans on Twitter than he plans to retire in the somewhat near future. Claiming that the rap game is "too negative," Makonnen writes:

Responding to a tweet from equally-talented artist Speak, Makonnen became involved in the following exchange regarding his retirement:

Don't expect Makonnen to leave so suddenly though, as he admits that he has some musical "obligations" left. We're going to assume he means the forthcoming Lil B tour and the joint project with Lil Yachty. Regarding future plans, Makonnen also hints at fashion with:

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