Deadmau5 Feels the Need to “Justify” His Incredible Wealth

What would you do with Deadmau5's millions?

Deadmau5 abandons his more aggressive, blunt social media persona to reveal himself as a down-to-earth, humble person in a newly-released interview with New York Times. Speaking to the famed media outlet for a visual feature, Deadmau5 opens up about the responsibility he feels he has now that he has made "million of dollars." Having come from a lower-income background, Deadmau5 appears determined to use his wealth for some common good:

“Now all of a sudden, I’m worth millions, and I feel like I need to justify that. Always. I would hate to think that someone out there would believe that I’m making millions of dollars and just going out bottle popping and flying on jets. I’m not. Literally, money in money out is my thing right now. I would feel bad about hoarding all that.”

You can check out the entire vignette below.

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