Azealia Banks Dropped From Festival After Offensive Tweets to Zayn Malik

Accusations that Zayn ripped off her look devolved into racial slurs and threats.

It wasn't a good day for Azealia Banks. For reasons unknown, the Harlem native has targeted Zayn Malik with derogatory comments in a Twitter attack that continued throughout Tuesday night. It all began when she posted a tweet suggesting Malik’s new video was influenced by her work. “Damn Zayn be mood boarding the f**k of out me,“ she wrote, followed by: ”Ok little wyt [sic] kids I def like Zayn and def think he's a cutie pie. Please stop calling me n****r.”

In response, Zayn posted two tweets without naming who they were directed at.

Assuming, these tweets were directed at her, Banks replied with a series of offensive remarks about ethnicity and sexual orientation. She extended her offensive tweets to fellow UK act MNEK, which soon led to a debate about UK rap. UK followers who questioned the fact that Banks was due to appear at Rinse FM's inaugural Born & Bred festival in east London in a few weeks. Banks responded claiming that she would bring armed security with her to her festival slot. This prompted a reaction by UK artists, asking Rinse FM to cancel Banks' appearance:

This ultimately led to Azealia Banks being dropped from the lineup of Rinse FM's inaugural Born & Bred festival in east London this June. The rapper was due to perform as co-headliner with grime MC Novelist on Sunday June 5. In a brief statement posted on Instagram, Rinse FM said the following:

Azealia Banks apologized in her own way.

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