Adele to Sign the Biggest Record Deal in British History

Worth $130 million.

Hot off releasing her latest music video, "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," Adele is causing more headlines today as media reports that she's about to sign the biggest record deal in British music history. According to The Sun, the 28-year-old singer is set to sign a $130 million (~£90 million) deal with Sony Music. A source at Sony said, “We’ve secured Adele, who’s ­without doubt the biggest music star in a generation. This is massive.”

The deal would mark the biggest signed by a British musician ever, following Robbie Williams’s £80 million EMI deal in 2002. In addition, it would also be the most lucrative record deal signed by any international female artist. This is currently held by the late Whitney Houston, who joined Arista for $100 million in 2001. The Sony source reportedly added:

“Adele’s deal with her original label, XL, expired and we’d an existing relationship with her in America. The deal is being worked on by our Columbia label in the US, but is worth £90million and gives Sony the rights to release her future music exclusively around the world.”

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