Tyler, the Creator Plays a Demented Cat in New Animated Movie ‘The Adventures of Drunky’

This role was made for Tyler.

Tyler, the Creator continues to branch out beyond music. The Cherry Bomb artist has been recruited to voice a character in the forthcoming animated film The Adventures of Drunky. Playing to his charisma and his personality's strengths, Tyler will don the role of Oscar, a cursing, eyepatch-adorned, peg-legged cat with a demented edge. As Exlclaim! reports, the narrative of Adventures of Drunky centers on "a hapless barfly named Drunky (Sam Rockwell). When God (Jeffrey Tambor) and the Devil (Steve Coogan) make a cosmic bet and destroy his life, Drunky travels through Heaven and Hell to rescue the girl he loves (Nina Arianda) and save the world." The film will also feature John Leguizamo, Jay Pharoah, Dave Attell, Jon Glaser and more, is currently pushing its own crowdfunding campaign. You can check out some of Tyler's parts in the film and its trailer above.

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