Ticketmaster to Sell Tickets on Facebook This Month

RSVPs could become more meaningful after this.

You'll soon be able to cop concert tickets through Facebook. Ticketmaster Vice President Dan Armstrong revealed to Buzzfeed in an interview that the company will sell tickets to music events through the social media platform before the end of April. Since you can already RSVP to events via FB, this move seems to be smart as RSVP and ticket purchasing can now be done more seamlessly. Although Facebook will collect "a standard affiliate fee" from each purchase, the company promised that it wont impact customers, so there will not be any additional fees from purchasing through the social network. They share:

"Millions of people on Facebook connect with their favorite bands, artists and causes to find out about events happening in their community. We've heard feedback from venues and artists that Facebook is an important platform for them to update and connect with fans. We're excited to help partners like Ticketmaster sell more tickets via Facebook and to make ticket purchasing easier and faster for people."

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