Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music Was Drilled Open

Apparently, the late artist has enough music to put out an album per year for the next century.

Any fan of Prince would know that the man has released a lot of material -- 39 studio albums as well as many other side projects. That's not all, the legendary artist has a lot of unreleased music video stored away in a vault at his Chanhassem, Minnesota home. Prince was the only person who possessed the keys to the vault so its contents have always been a mystery, until today. According to ABC News, Bremer Trust, a Minnesota-based company that is in charge of the artist's estate, drilled the vault open because Prince had no will at the time of his death. Apparently, the vault had so much music that his record label can put out an album per year for the next century. At the moment, it is unclear what exactly would be done with all this material; stay tuned.

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