Prince’s Photographer Shares His Experiences Working with the Legend

Through the lens.

It all started in Paris when photographer Brian Ach decided to switch things up and captured Prince in mid-performance in a more artistic and less ‘standard concert-shot” aproach. After showing the legendary musician the results, Ach was hired as his tour photographer. Ach has since shadowed Prince through his 2011 ‘Welcome 2′ tour across North America, Europe and Australia — a significant length of adventure that must have seen some great and amazing things only privy to those lucky enough to be there. In an interview given to DP Review by Ach, we get a snippet of what that experience must have been like.

“Prince owned his public image. He was one of the first artists to start buying out photographers and his music, to refuse to have his interviews recorded. He made sure there was nothing out there that he felt cheapened his image or his music.”

Click here to read the full interview below to get an insight as to what it was like photographing one of the best musical artists of our time. Rest in Peace Prince.

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