HYPETRAK Mix: Eric Dingus – VIBIN

You're reading right, HYPETRAK Mixes are officially back.

It's been a minute since we last presented a HYPETRAK Mix. Today, we're pleased to announce that the series is officially back as we've teamed up with Eric Dingus, who's been perfecting his sound to create a now distinctive emotional blend of sample-based hip-hop, ambient electronic music, and chopped-and-screwed southern rap. The Austin, TX native employed this very approach to our latest HYPETRAK Mix, which offers a 42-minute selection of some laidback vibes for your instrumentals and unreleased material as well as some exclusives from his Dream Sequence Records for your own listening pleasure. Listen to the mix below and while you're at it, make sure to read through our conversation with the rising producer. Be on the lookout as he's got some fuego coming later this year.

What is the theme of this mix? How did you approach it conceptually?

This mix was all about riding a vibe. I'm still trying to come up with a name to describe it best. I put together instrumentals and unreleased material from over the years and included a couple of songs soon to come out on my label Dream Sequence Records. The result is a collection of 100% original material most people haven't heard before.

How did you spend the first quarter of 2016?

I've mostly been focusing on my next project. Other than that, I came out to LA to find inspiration and played my first show in San Francisco. One of the highlights of this year was the debut of my side project with $.dot called TSO at SXSW.

What's happening with the remaining three-quarters?

Later this month I will be releasing "Stack or Starve" on my own imprint DSR. This album is another side project I fully produced for Dowrong and will be released in two parts. I'm also planning on putting out an instrumental project.

Festival season is in effect. Are you playing any live dates?

So far there a couple of dates in Canada later this month, one in Montreal and one in Ottawa. Excited to see what the festival season is going to offer.

What can people expect from an Eric Dingus live set?

One promoter once told me my set is like a journey that takes you out of time and space. Most of my original work can be described as dreamy and I want my live set to transport people to this other world where they are more attuned to themselves and to music.

Describe your work process when it comes to your productions.

I don't have a specific method I follow. I usually build a track around an idea or a sample I hear and then get into a trance where the sound naturally flows out of me. Other times the entire process is a lot more social, bouncing ideas off people I am working with at that time.

When do you know you have enough material for a full-length release?

Just like with a live set, the release should feel like a cohesive body of work, whether it's an album or an EP. If I listen top to bottom and it feels like a journey then I know this is good to go out. There's a lot of unreleased material on my drive just waiting to be packaged into a story.

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