Donnie and Key! Link up for a New Track

The result is dope — literally.

It's no secret that the Atlanta and Toronto rap scenes are closely related: just in the past few months we've seen a series of collaborations between artists from the respective cities, from Ram Riddlz and Playboi Carti, to Safe and Nessly. Now we can add yet another to the ever-growing list, with Donnie and Key! joining forces on a dope (literally) collaboration. Produced by Grayson Jacques, "Dope In The Ceiling" features a haunting sample and pounding percussion, the perfect canvas for Donnie and Key! to color with their respective trademark flows. The album art was done by designer Mihailo Andic, who has created artwork for a number of notable projects this year including Lil Yachty's much talked about Lil Boat cover. Listen to the song above.

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