Desperados ‘Release Their Inner Tequila’

Desperados ‘Release Their Inner Tequila’

Desperados recently unveiled an groundbreaking new campaign that calls for forward-thinking, creative people who like to bend the rules to 'Release their Inner Tequila.' In their film House Party Plugged, they partner with UK-based DJ and producer Riton and techno drummer Dario Rossi to deliver the ultimate house party along with cultural influencers Mikill Pane, Snoochie Shy and Emily Hartridge. Desperados transformed everyday household appliances and furniture into actual musical instruments, which are then used to remix Riton's song "Rinse and Repeat." The producer shares:

"It’s been really exciting working with Desperados on this project, it’s a completely different and creative approach to music. The set-up we had in the house is amazing and I’d love to have something like this for my next live show.”

Dario adds to Riton's sentiment, emphasizing how unique the ideation and production of this project is:

"I use all sorts of materials for my drums - pots, pans, pipes, and use them to create electronic music. House Party has taken that to the next level, it’s been an interesting and fun experiment that has allowed me to create something completely different."

The film and its behind the scenes footage will be released on April 18.