Chris Crack’s New Project ‘Last of the Lean…’ Proves He’s One of Chicago’s Best Emcees

"I'm colder than rappers who rap about rapping, that sh*t really whack."

For anyone who considers themselves a fan of the more lyrical side of Chicago's new school, you have to give this one a front-to-back spin. Continuing the impressive run he's been embarking on in recent years, Chris Crack serves up a brand new full-length project entitled Last of the Lean... The project is comprised of 16 new songs from the Chitown lyricist, and comes to us alongside a video for the hard-hitting LP cut "Off My Line." From acidic,acrobatic bars and Houston-esque melodies to speaker-shattering bangers and soulful salvos, Crack uses Last of the Lean... to deliver music that sticks to your ribs and provides a soundtrack for every occasion. You can stream Last of the Lean... below.

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