Bryson Tiller & Fat Joe Unite for New Song, “Love You To Pieces”

They apparently recorded a lot of material together before "Don't" blew up.

Before Bryson Tiller achieved fame with "Don't" and his Trapsoul album, the talented crooner was in the studio with Fat Joe. Recently, Fashionably Early dropped a new Fat Joe track titled "Love You to Pieces" which features Tiller on the hook. The Terror Squad honcho shares that he had recorded a lot of material with the Kentucky singer: "He was just dope. He was just sitting around with us like every day and I got records with Bryson Tiller. Big records with Bryson Tiller. He was the last n*gga to come from the air, from the energy. Cause the n*gga come from Kentucky and somehow he’s sitting on the couch with us for three years. So it’s the cloth somehow.” Listen to the track below.

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