Berlin Nightclubs Raised €40,000 for Refugees

Through guestlist donations.

A new initiative among Berlin nightclubs has raised €40,000 in aid of refugees. Called the PLUS 1, the campaign asked clubs to require a charity donation of at least €1 for anyone entering nightspots through the guestlist. More than 80 of the city's most popular nighttime venues, artists and promoters signed up to the campaign which started in October 2015. Money raised through the initiative is going to three refugee charities, Sea-Watch, Moabit helps!, which aims to help refugees in the Mediterranean sea by influencing the State Office of Health and Welfare, and defend the rights of refugees in the face of authorities and politicians. Thanking the “best doors of Berlin” for their cooperation, PLUS 1 hosted a party at Kreuzberg’s Fahimi Bar on Tuesday. According to Berlin-based broadcast RBB, PLUS 1 is now looking into becoming a fixture in the city’s nightlife and support further causes in future.

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