Xzibit Humiliates Fan Teasing Him About “Pimp My Ride”

Moral of the story, don't ask Xzibit to "pimp your ride."

Xzibit crushed a Twitter fan's dreams of getting her car pimped out. The rapper called a fan a "b****" and told her to "get a job" after she asked the westcoast rapper if he would remodel her automobile, paying homage to his former reality show, "Pimp My Ride." "Sh*** been over for a decade," he remarked. The infamous MTV series, which ended in 2007, saw Xzibit and his team of mechanics flipping beaters into pimped-out rides - complete with 50-inch televisions, subwoofers, gold-plated rims, and leather seats. Parts of Xzibit's "Pimp My Ride" Twitter exchange can be seen below.

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