Samsung Will Reportedly Not Be Buying TIDAL After All

Could this be the end of JAY Z's streaming service?

Following allegations by the New York Post late last month, things were looking like Samsung is planning on buying out JAY Z’s TIDAL streaming service. Only would disagree that such an influx of capital would be considered a much-needed aid to the project, which has yet not lived up to its hype -- despite having the exclusive launch of both Rihanna’s Anti and Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo. In a conversation with Variety, a Samsung spokesperson said, “The rumor of Samsung acquiring TIDAL is not true.”

One thing remains certain, the music streaming market remains to be a highly competitive field with major competitors such as Apple Music, Spotify and Google being on a tight race for the top position. Needless to say, TIDAL’s future could be considered precarious. Stay tuned.

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