A New Notorious B.I.G. Album is Coming

A Biggie hologram could become a reality.

Tupac's body of work has received much attention and acclaim for its posthumous inclusions. Now, it looks like The Notorious B.I.G.'s discography might be receiving a boost from some posthumous work. According to Faith Evans, she's planning to drop a collaborative "duet" album with the late Brooklyn legend. "Today, if he was alive, I know, ultimately, we would've done something like this...But the way the stuff has come together, and the way I'm using his vocals, it's giving the stuff new life, it's totally different," she says in a new interview with the Dame Dash Radio Show. Elaborating on how the music would translate to a live setting, Evans reveals plans for a possible hologram and more:

"We actually are in development with a hologram, but I don't necessarily know to what extent I'm gonna perform with it. But I want to debut it in the first video for the album, and maybe use it a little bit performing live. But that depends on a lot of things."

You can run through the entire interview below.

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