Nas Invests in New Company That Makes Food out of Crickets

Nas looking to bank on cricket-flour.

Nas has been parlaying his portfolio these past couple of years and today he's making what could be his boldest move yet, investing in Exo, a food company that specializes in making food out of you guessed it, crickets. The Brooklyn-based company tallied up $4 million from a group of investors that includes Nas, AccelFoods and Collaborative Fund. Exo currently stocks its cricket-flour protein bars at Whole Foods, Wegman’s and online. It'll soon introduce protein powders and shakes to the market later this year.

“We envision cricket powder being competitive with soy, and whey, and any other protein source...That starts with introducing cricket protein to a consumer base with no direct experience with it and a lot of preconceived ideas that were negative. Says Exo co-founder”

You can read more about the company and it's planned expansion here.

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