Maxo Kream Connects Wiley’s Grime, Texas Trapping & ‘Friday’ Movies for “Big Worm”

Maxo Kream and the Sauce Familia are running Texas.

Maxo Kream is easily one of the most forward-thinking, progressive rappers currently making southern street music. Following up the blue rag-adorned, AR-15-armed menace of his most recent single and drug-dealing anthem "Shop," Maxo Kream reworks Wiley's "Morgue" and finds inspiration in the classic Friday films for his latest. Entitled "Big Worm," the song is broken down to FADER by its creator as such:

"I was at the crib watching Friday, and me and my niggas started talking about Big Worm being the plug, so I put the beat on and we started freestyling," Kream wrote, explaining the song came to be in an email the The FADER. "Friday’s one of my favorite movies. It came out in ’96 when I was 6 years old and we had it on bootleg. At first it was a comedy, I was just watching like it’s a weed movie, but as you get older and start peeping it you realize it’s more than just comedy shit."

Fittingly, Maxo Kream will also perform tonight at Palisades in New York City alongside grime God D Double E and Darq E Freaker. You can stream "Big Worm" below.

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