Kendrick Lamar Hosts an Impromptu Freestyle Session & Rap Battle

It all went down at a Reebok event in Manchester.

Kendrick Lamar showed up a recent Reebok event in Manchester, UK and an impromptu freestyle session broke out. The cypher was part of a Hip Hop Workshop put together by Reebok in conjunction with the Wonder Inn and Brighter Sounds, and allowed for its attendees to rap their bars face-to-face with one the biggest rap-stars of the modern era. More of a celebration of hip-hop's lyrical craft and freestyling than an actual competition, the event ended up allowing for diehard rap fans to connect with Kendrick in a way only his collaborators do. Judging by Kendrick's reaction, the TPAB emcee was pretty happy to be there as well. You can check out Reebok's official footage of the outing above.

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