iLoveMakonnen Thinks Hip-Hop Belongs to the Youth and the Internet

"Unfortunately, it belongs to me -- which is sad."

Montreality recently linked up with iLoveMakonnen for an in-depth Q&A. Donning layers upon layers of coats, furs and hides, the Atlanta croon-rapper was asked a variety of topics, such as how he started his magazine back in the MySpace days and how he ended up linking with Adele before she blew up for an interview, how he's not a fan of getting tattoos because he doesn't like the idea of being physically altered permanently, and how hip-hop currently belongs to him and what he represents: the youth and the Internet. Check out what he had to say about that below, and watch the entire interview above.

"Unfortunately, it belongs to me -- which is sad. But I think a lot of people have already had their reign and they're kind of resting now. It's like, what else do you want? You f*cking have done it; you beat the whole globe over and over with a tour. Now, it's time for new artists to come and do it and I'm one of those new artists that have the catalog and the dedication. It belongs really to the youth and the Internet. And that's just where I came from, so I'm just a representation of thousands if not millions."

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