Fetty Wap & Young Thug Could Make an Album in 1Night

Watch Zoovie Zoo's interview with CliqueTV here.

Fetty Wap is currently on tour and during one of his shows, French publication Clique.tv caught up with the Jersey croon-rapper for an interview. Like most of Clique's previous conversations, this one was just as in-depth and captivating. In the dialogue, Zoovie Zoo talked about his work ethic and his ability to come up with many catchy hooks in a short period of time. When Young Thug was mentioned, ZooWap reveals that he could make an album with the Atlanta rapper in one night if he wanted to. Although no detail or confirmation of whether or not they have something like this planned, Wap talks about their great chemistry in the studio. He shares: "Whenever I be in Atlanta, I always be with Thug, I'm always in the studio with him and we just be cool." Watch the interview above.

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