DJDS (DJ Dodger Stadium) Remix Rihanna & Drake’s “Work”

The Kanye West collaborators take on Rihanna and Drake.

You've never heard a Rihanna single like this before. Fresh off their work on Kanye West's much-discussed recent studio album The Life of Pablo, LA duo DJDS (or, DJ Dodger Stadium) come through with a left-of-center rework of Rihanna and Drake's latest hit-song. For those unfamiliar, DJDS have a penchant for flipping pop cuts; from Prince to Timmy Thomsas to Adele, the paio have worked their magic on productions outside of their immediate genre. This new spin on "Work" comes to us sans Drake, and will definitely be an effective dancefloor cut. You can stream the DJDS remix of "Work" below.

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