DJ Khaled Says He’s Like the “Hip-Hop Quincy Jones,” Asks Ellen DeGeneres to “Stay Away From Them”

"We stay away from They."

"They" apparently didn't want DJ Khaled to be on Ellen, so he did just that. Stopping by Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show, Khaled discussed his career, "They/Them," and more with the popular TV host and personality. Specifically, the "We The Best" mastermind broke down exactly "what he does," delivered a full explanation of the infamous "They/Them" that included a speech on breakfast, "Winning" and all the other positive things DJ Khaled bases his message and movement on. In between, the magazine covers and features like this week's Bloomberg Businessweek and everything else occuring this promo-blitz, Khaled is having quite the press run right now. No wonder Jay Z wanted to be his manager.

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