Diplo Calls Zedd a Flume Rip-Off, Zedd & Deadmau5 Responds

And so it begins.

Diplo recently took to Twitter to put Zedd on blast for his latest song, "Candyman," calling it a rip-off of Flume's style. He says: "It's not okay to do this man, come on. It's not all about the money." Zedd responds almost immediately and calls Diplo a "jealous little b*tch," telling him to "shut the f*ck up." Diplo almost takes the high road and tells Zedd that he's young, rich, and a great musician and should use that to his advantage. However the Major Lazer and Jack U member ends his sentiment with the classic "I also f*cked your girl." As they continue their spat, Deadmau5 chimes in and targets both producers, saying that everyone knows "Zedd's sh*t sucks" and also calls Diplo out for being hypocritical because of how he lecturing Zedd about music being not all about the money. Check out the verbal altercation below.

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