The Wu-Tang Clan & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Once Ignited an Epic Brawl Involving Ninja Suits

You can't make this stuff up.

How has Consequence managed to wait this long without sharing this incredible story? According to Cons, a confrontation between members of the Wu-Tang Clan and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ignited a pretty serious brawl around the height of their fame. At the 1996 Def Jam Holiday Party, tensions between the two camps surged to a boiling point after Ghostface Killah confronted Wish Bone as he was walking through NYC club Mirage (now Terminal 5). At the time, the East Coast and West Coast feud was in full swing, and Ghostface apparently didn't take too kindly to a rapper signed to Eazy-E's Los Angeles-based Ruthless Records label hanging out at the NYC hot spot. As the two crossed paths, Ghostface rushed right up to Wish Bone, confronting the Midwest emcee face-to-face. A friend of Consequence's -- who will "remain anonymous" -- attempted to play peacemaker and diffuse the situation. Without missing a beat, Ghostface tried to hurl a champagne bottle Wish Bone's way. "He threw the Champagne bottle at Wish Bone -- Wish Bone ducks!" Cons explains. The result: the bottle ended up smashing into Cons' friend's face, causing him to "bleed everywhere." Directly following the breaking of the bottle, it was an "all-out melee" between all the parties involved. But, the best part emerges as the situation comes to a close. Cons says that Ghostface changed his outfit directly following the fight, choosing instead to don a "ninja suit." Tony Starks must have felt pretty warrior-like following that battle. You can listen to the full story -- as told by Consequence -- above.

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