Part Three of ‘Noisey Bompton’ Introduces Hitta J3 & More

'Live From Rosecrans.'

The VICE crew goes beyond the surroundings of the initial neighborhoods explored in the first parts of Noisey Bompton to travel down Rosecrans for the latest episode of Noisey Bompton. This time around, Noisey Bompton puts the spotlight primarily on Hitta J3, a Compton rapper who Kendrick Lamar himself sees tremendous potential in. Snoop Dogg also calls in to voice his support for Hitta. However, just like many other individuals featured in this series, there's more to the story than just bars and beats. Also shown in this piece is Boogie, a rapper who has seen a great deal of support and acclaim in recent years for projects such as Thirst 48. You can check out part three of Noisey Bompton above. Check out part one here.

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