Watch This Incredible VICE Documentary on Kendrick Lamar & “Bompton”

'Noisey Bompton'

On a "tip" from Snoop Dogg, VICE took their their cameras to Compton -- or, more importantly the Blood-dominated "Bompton" side -- to show Compton through the lens of Kendrick Lamar and the people he grew up with. For part one of the docu-series Noisey Bompton, VICE and host Zach Goldbaum went out to locales such as Compton's Centennial High School and a house in "Bompton" that Kendrick and company frequent. This series follows in the same vein as Noisey Atlanta and Noisey Chiraq, and provides an enlightening look at Kendrick, his childhood, the people he grew up with and more. Following up Kendrick's domination of the Grammys yesterday, this is definitely worth a watch. Check out part one of Noisey Bompton above.

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