SoundCloud Introduces Stations, a New Way to Discover Music

Making music discovery easier and better.

SoundCloud has launched a new service known as Stations. Stations is being billed as a way for users to discover new music and artists. SoundCloud officially announced Stations earlier today with the following tweet:

SoundCloud's new venture aims to allow its followers to discover "tracks you've never heard anywhere else." It relies off the platform's "Related Tracks" features, and seeks to both simplify the music discovery process and fine-tune specific recommendations based on your tastes. To break down exactly how Stations works, SoundCloud issued the following statement:

A station can be generated from any track, search term, content stream or your Collection. Pull up the menu from any one of those four and select the “Start Station” option. We’ll pull from the 100 million plus tracks on SoundCloud to bring you an endless stream of awesome audio.

Once you find a few stations you like, you can access them at any time in your Collection, along with your Likes and Playlists. Now, never-ending listening based on your favorite tracks is always just a few taps away. Lean back and enjoy.

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