Learn How You Could Become a Member of M83

Introducing M83's new casting call.

M83 are really making a full comeback right now. There's shows and music on the way, and it looks like they might be having a huge impact in coming months. Now, thanks to a new, open casting call, you might have a shot at becoming a real, live part of the M83 wave. The acclaimed project's architect Anthony Gonzalez has reached out to his audience in search of a new band-member. Specifically, Gonzalez is seeking a female singer and keyboardist who would like to tour as a part of M83. There's a few different requirements for the gig -- including availability to work and tour from April of this year to December and rehearse in Los Angeles next month -- but if you're a serious, diehard M83 fan who is both female and musically gifted, you might have a very real shot. Besides, this is definitely one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities, right? You can sign up and get a full rundown here.

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