The Proper, Mastered Version of Lil Wayne’s “Trouble” has Surfaced

From the 'Carter III' days.

StreetRunner, a one-time close collaborator of Lil Wayne, continues to unlock Weezy gems from the vault. Last month, the producer brought in the new year by sharing the mastered version of Lil Wayne's deep cut "Cry Out (Amen)." Now, he's sharing another mastered, high-quality version of a lesser-known, but still top-notch Weezy track. Digging deep into the Carter III sessions, StreetRunner liberates the CD-quality version of "Trouble." Those who grew up during Weezy's glory days should be able to connect to this one instantly. As the weeks and months go on, let's hope StreetRunner continues this series. You can stream the song below.

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