Killer Mike Slams Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to Black Lives Matter Activists

"I'm going to tell you the proof is in the pudding every time."

A young girl from the Black Lives Matter movement confronted Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser in Charleston, South Carolina last Wednesday, calling her out for racist rhetoric in a 1996 speech and demanded an apology for the mass incarceration. The small audience on hand weren't too pleased with the protester, and she was quickly escorted out of the event. In a passionate speech at Claflin University a few nights ago, Killer Mike, a devoted Bernie Sanders supporter, slammed Clinton for her reaction to this incident, comparing it to Sanders' reaction months earlier, who gave up the microphone when two Black Lives Matter protesters during a similar interruption back in August and allowed them to express their thoughts. Watch Killer Mike's rally speech above and also compare the two approaches below and let us know what you think.

Hillary Clinton's approach:

Bernie Sanders' approach:

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