Kanye West Makes Controversial Statements About Bill Cosby, Puma & More

His new album is almost here...

Last month, Kanye West used Twitter to ignite an epic Wiz Khalifa beef that ended up dominating headlines for a solid week. Then, almost as quickly as it emerged, the beef was resolved and Kanye was all positivity. Now, with Kanye West's new album so close to arrival you can almost imagine the intro-paragraphs of reviews, Kanye is taking to Twitter to stir up some more controversy. This time around, it's not because of a beef with someone else or issues with other rappers, but because of his belief in Bill Cosby's innocence. "BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!" proclaims Kanye in one tweet. Besides that, he also had a few more interesting things to get off his chest:

One thing's for certain: Kanye West has impeccable taste when it comes to news outlets and media sources.

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